Benefits of a Morning Workout

5 BENEFITS of getting your workout done in THE MORNING!
5 TIPS to get you started

Morning workouts are proven be more beneficial for your health as well as creating a consistent, daily routine that is less likely to get interrupted. It may take a little time and practice before AM workouts become a habit but if you stick with it you WILL see positive results!


  1. Consistency – Scheduling your workout in the morning allows for less interruptions and creates a consistent and reliable workout pattern. If you try to schedule PM workouts you run the risk of feeling overloaded, unexpected issues may come up or a feeling of being overwhelmed or overworked – whelp, there goes your consistent workout routine. Schedule your workout first thing and you will have no excuses to let life get in the way.

2. Mental Focus and Clarity -Studies show exercise can improve your mental focus, cognitive function and clarity all day long! The effects of exercise even outweighs caffeine when looking for an early morning boost.

Exercise has been shown to improve cognitive function more than caffeine!

3. Better Sleep – Exercise releases endorphins and hormones, one of those being adrenaline, would you take a shot of adrenaline and then go home and go to bed? I would hope not! Why not take that shot, go about your day and allow your body to fall into a natural sleep cycle! Exercise has been shown to improve the length and quality of your sleep helping your body reach deeper sleep cycles. Get on a good sleep schedule – feel better during the day!

4. Promotes Self Discipline – At first, it may be hard not to hit that snooze button and roll back over, but after time being consistent it DOES become easier. Prove to yourself you can master your own self discipline by getting your butt out of bed in the am and it will spill over into other areas in your life! Maybe you’ll even have some extra time for personal reflection or getting the laundry started when you get home!

5. Improve every aspect of your life! – seriously! think about this snowball effect… Setting a morning exercise routine will:

Allow you to be consistent, not skipping workouts
Foster mental clarity and focus
Give you a burst of AM energy
Help your sleep cycles improve
Give you a new found sense of self discipline

You are now ready to take on the world!! Whats next?!?

Starting may seem daunting, especially if you aren’t a morning person.. Here are a few tips and trick to help get you on track with a morning routine:

TIP #1 – Set your alarm clock out of reach of your bed – seriously, do you ever force yourself out of bed and realize once you actually get up and moving is isn’t really that bad?!?

TIP #2 – Give yourself a treat to anticipate – is it your new morning coffee blend? Listening to that new fav audiobook while getting dressed and on the ride into the gym? Making s morning wakeup playlist to get you pumped while you ride in? Whatever works for you, plan a treat to entice yourself from under the covers.

TIP #3 – Five minute shower, all you have to do is find your way to the shower, hop in for 5 minutes and you’ll feel refreshed and awake by the time you’re out, lay out your fav workout clothes the night before so getting out and dressed is easy as pie!

TIP #4 – Do it with a friend! Accountability is huge!! Find a buddy and keep each other accountable to going together. Send that 5AM text.. “Morning!! ready to kill this WOD?!”

TIP #5 – Create your schedule and COMMIT for 30 days, do it now, don’t wait until next week, tomorrow.. what class will you be coming to? next week? Mon/wed/fri at 6am every week? Perfect. See you in the morning!!

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