Member Spotlight: Kathy Woodward

May Member Spotlight!

Kathy Woodward


We believe achievements should be celebrated! Lets celebrate the accomplishments of Kathy this month as she continues to SLAY her workouts from home all while keeping her nutrition in check and goals in sight!


Kathy put together a little write up for us about her experience since joining CFT back in 2019.

Way to go Kathy!!

I started CF based on a recommendation from my son, who said “Mom, I think you’ll really enjoy this type
of workout.” Historically, I am a breast cancer survivor, but for each of the years since my diagnosis I
have had some medical set back that resulted in breathing problems; requiring triple doses of steroids
to control the issues which all resulted in weight gain, lack of energy and a feeling of hopelessness. I
could not lift my left arm without assistance from my right arm. I felt I had conquered one monster to
only have to face a new challenge every year!

In January 2019, I joined CF Tradition. I was 160 pounds, married to a rescue inhaler and could barely
get through the warm up portion of the class without feeling extreme exhaustion. However, I loved the
positive nature of the class and other athletes, no one judged, just encouraged me. I kept at, loving it
more and more and actually began to be able to perform some of the simplest exercises. In fact, I have
a photo of a PR Board, I did my 1st 400 m run, unbroken, April 2019!

Fast forward to April 2020. I went in for a checkup and my Dr. didn’t even recognize me. I’m off all
breathing medicines and even my blood pressure meds. I am down to 135 lbs, but more importantly my
Body Fat is down 17%, my fat free mass is up 13 lbs! I should mention here that in April 2019 I joined
the Nutrition class at the gym and I have learned so much about healthier eating. Since quarantine I
have been working on my running. I can now go 2 miles, non-stop! I completed my 1st sub 12 minute
mile yesterday.

I love the strength and confidence I am gaining. I just wish I hadn’t waited till I was 67 to start!

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